The 2 A.M Writer

L.B.H (The Intro)

Drowning in little pockets of sweat

Breathing to the pace of the locomotive

Come split me, beautiful train

Take away my pumping little heart

And all it's black little liquid





I'm not poor, only fishnet pockets

Slipping away in my greed

Find me in the wealth of common west

And I'll morph my little hooker face

Into a shape to appease you

Wealth pays for sinful retribution

Didn't you listen in Sunday school?


The big Marshall is marching into town square

Jailing vagrants and kiddies

Little baggie, unwanted advance

Major problem, teasing slap

But we can ignore the 20 minutes of action,

Just as long as they fuel our colored division


Smog cover you and your infant

Mother nature homicide?

Dare you desecrate our leaders?

Off with your head and studies!

Washington D.C blacklisted

See that on your dinner table






Pumping my little heart

I can't stop crying

I can't stop seeing

Little black fountain


Don't let me



  • illia

    I read this, and I find it captivating to be honest, I like it I would like to read more, I get it, nothing we aint feeling over this way, across the pond and all that bolloks. lol x

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