I know your hurting

I know your hurting for I see it in your eyes

I feel it in my heart

There's nothing I can say or do to make you feel better

I know your girls love you for I love you too

Your such a wonderful, Caring dad and a very loving man

You have a big heart keep it that way

One day they will realize their mother is filling their little heads full of lies

 They'll come running back to you with open arms

Hoping you'd  forgive them for staying away so long

Hoping you love them as much as they love you

 I feel it in my heart, I know it in my mind

Forever and always in your life they'll be

Never wanting to leave you ever again 

Always in your heart and mind 

Never give up on them for I'm sure they'll be back one day soon you'll see 

Trust me I'm here if you need a shoulder to cry on or just to talk

I'll try my hardest to answer your questions as I know you have a lot to ask

I'm sure they love and miss you as much as you love and miss them

I hate to see you hurt so bad, Cry so hard everyday 

Just remember when I say

I love you sweetheart and so do they....







  • Tony36

    I have a. Cousin going through the same thing . Great write

  • Dford1

    Very heartfelt

  • Beautyqueen46

    Thx y'all fer your feedback

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