dream done

that should be me your meeting today

i need those eyes to shine for me
no chance that need will take root
you must be involved first...

yea, to lose your way you must be present
the truth missed appearing
wide, deep, distant, shallow, empty

ohhhh..the power of twisted passion
it outshines even the brightest eyes
takes reasonable people off the grid of logic

moments that escape sanity by feet to miles
captured by need...primal need....
raw, consuming, physical, deep, fulfilling

depth becomes harder to reach as we couple
raising the bar to leave an empty need

you reign here in my land of you
only risk as we clear another layer of reality
the need growing bigger as it roots

freedom yours alone as you maintain
not captured by this fire burning my life
sick, desperate, alone, needy, empty

straight out into the fire that consumes
no hesitation here, no fear
nothing compares to complete passion

do you even think about me
does your mind drift as your fucking her
is she as fulfilling as a lover

do you care that my heart is bled out
is it real that you aren't mine
never will be mine is the truth

not a chance we can capture us
because us was actually me
in love, blind, hopeful, loyal

i am not going to call
won't open any windows or doors
you don't love me

sometimes the truth is too hard to see
harder still to make me know
you, me, us, two words and one dream

fuck you and fuck your lies
fuck me for being a little girl in love
vunerable, whimsical, delusional, broken


becky jo gibson © all rights reserved 06-14-15


  • Terry dailey

    Becky jo well written i applaude the use of profanity this poem screamed for it. I get negative feedback sometimes from the self proclaimed greats because of my risky verbage but even profanity is a well known tool in my bag of fumbled poem birth of conception has been shared more times than i can count. So to be truely honest about your poetic skills my friend... Fuck yeah i loved this poem you have unleashed badassery....

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