I’m going back to Normal (and I cant there from here ])

       {Second voice of dialog only if used as song}


I’m going back to Normal

It’s a long- long way from here


The pathway to move forward

Is never very clear


It’s clouded by the mad-ness

That has enveloped my fear


I’m going back to Normal

I can’t get there from here


You drove me down to crazy-town

And heightened all my fear


But I have only myself to blame

For I jumped right in to take a spin


And let you drove me insane

I’m going back to Normal                             


The place where I came from

I’ll keep moving forward                              


I’ll keep on trucking strong

I’ll stumble through the darkness


Until I find the light

I’m going back to Normal and I’m leaving you tonight                      now oh wow


And you’re the reason that I’m on the run                                           oh yes and wow

You’re the reason I’m leaving tonight


And then I’ll have my sanity

And then I’ll see the light


  • Augustus

    Way to go ww. Hope your daughter finds true love. Hugs.

    • willyweed

      well she first married her high school sweet againt my wishes He just came off to as an A hole and a dead beat dad ( i can read people's aura fairly wheel at the firsting of a new person.) She being my third biological daughter my first and and 2 dauughters twins 2 for s nickel and fourth and final child. being I my and i had double gift all being well behaved educated who did all four my biological daughters being bore by my one and only lovr off my ife lifeI was a very good and I washappy man to say the least, I took the task of good parenting to heart

      when she( #3 Crystal Blue for she had the biggest and bluest eyes I had ever seen.eyes I had finnelly had the gleam( no more just a glimmer) I say so now I can see it that you are getting happer by the day. she saixd to me you had better sit down I have something tell you I have meet the love of my llife and i want to bring her here to meet my worrior poet king daddio well i said it would be and honor to met him and she dad your not listening to me I said he's a she so that makes me A l lisbein=a homosexual So I just said are you happy? she said yes I believe Iam well she looked happeier that I can remember and even her four boys seemed for I felt one of them would snap at their shitty deforce any way they are all happier for it And now they understand why she devorsed him we never bad mouthed him he exposed hesellf for who and what he was to them All by himself and now they n=know why thier mother devorsed him, the statementnmay be loong winded it is also true" her oldest boy is now 15 year old and four of her boys are provingnto be fine your gentle men! I have seven grand child now and expect the final count will be ten don't for get the twin factor it seem to happen to first or last born she just married lat july! your still budding Buddy WW Ps I hope you feel great because its great to read you and talk one on one to my new friend! ww

    • WriteBeLight

      Great Job!

    • Augustus

      Sounds like you and daughter have great relationship. This is not traditional and I don't know what you had wished for but you seem to be making the best of it. Hugs.

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