Terry dailey


SHE COMES IN THE NIGHT .... my EYES BLEED to see  such BEAUTY with lustfull greed, ive never seen this side of Her FLOWERS wither compared to her .  She comes in the night lighting FIRES her hair let down for DARK desires her SOUL so pure to sanctify  THE  PASSION lures a lovers LIE.  She comes in the NIGHT never the day a predator becomes her PREY the body drops beneath her FEET a touch from her burns HELL with HEAT . She comes IN the night the DARKNESS  calls  it beckons her to take your all the FLESH compressed the SWEAT on walls foundations crack INHIBITIONS fall.    She comes in the night as an ANGELS SIN a devil BEGS her PLEASE begin to LOVE above without AGAIN the HALOS  BREAK awakeing her grin...as SHE COMES IN THE NIGHT.......(by Terry Dailey AKA hippy 4 free).


  • anoldwoman

    I love the rhythm and the rhyme. You have misspelled predator. This is really well done and touched me

    • Terry dailey

      Lol skilled eye woman of maturity... I write these poems here on this site from my cellphone. So from my outlook of this site from my point of view the box i write the poem in is very tiny.... And the words i write here even smaller... Im not a young hippy.... And the mistake got past my vision..... Thank you for pointing this flaw out..i will fix iit mmediately and If that is your only negative find... Then i feel accomplished and honored by your summation..... My question is this maam.... Did you feel the poem?

    • BeckyJo

      I love it...very good visually. Thanks!

      • Terry dailey

        Thank you becky jo... I wanted the reader pleased by the sight of this poem i feel as a writer i put these poems ive written here in a vast ocean. like a message in a bottle... There are so many tallented messages i just wanted my bottle to reflect catching ones eye.... I hope i acomplished that and Im glad you liked it.. .

      • Terry dailey

        I would like to thank everyone for theyre comments on this poem... I am trying a new approach.... As to not limit my skills.... I had multiple chances to use profanity but refrained..... Lol...

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