Izzi Lynn


The sun is shining bright today, 
the light filtering through
the quiet glass. 

A beautiful sculpture
made of glass
sits on the windowsill. 
A depiction of a lamb. 
Tiny, with delicate features, 
lovingly crafted
and cared for. 

The plain rays of sunlight
are transformed as they shine through
the miniature figure of glass
into a kaleidoscope of colors. 

Beautiful, but fragile, 
an ethereal masterpiece. 
An iridescent creation
poised on the windowsill. 

To look at it
is to feel peace
and warmth deep down
where your soul resides. 
And along with the serenity, 
perhaps you'll feel
a sense of melancholy
as you realize
that even the beauty 
of this glass sculpture
is evanescent. 
Nothing lasts forever.

To look at it
is to be taken away
to a far away place, 
a quiet place, 
a tranquil place.

It is an otherworldly creature
that could not have possibly
been made in this cruel world
plagued with shadows and pain. 

Nothing made in shadows
could possibly have 
the kind of radiant beauty
that this elegant animal

To look at it
is to feel content
with yourself
To look at it
is to feel complete. 

A tiny lamb made of glass
sits upon a windowsill,
clearly crafted with love
and cherished dearly.

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