Terry dailey


In a DARKENED ROOM lays lonely gloom PERFUME it  fills the  air. A BEAUTY sings as her DUTY  clings to FEELINGS thats just not there.  NO WORDS thats spoken are heard HEART broken her GLASS is FILLED with GREIF. Noone died but  ALONE she cried in BLISSFUL DISBELEIF.   Why must a QUEEN lose  trust unseen? She GIVES HER ALL to many. Its just mean to give her DREAM and live withdraw FOR ANY.   A MAN walks in and AGAIN PRETENDS his sins they have NO SHAME. She smiles a FAKE beguiled to take with DOUBT within his name.  A MOTHERS GOLD she  SIPS untold to  SEE  it makes him SHIVER. Its Another SHATTERED HEART to hold so be it HES with her.  The FRANTIC look from the chances he TOOK  she  PRAYS TO NEED  THE BLINDNESS. With EACH freshened DRINK her  AGGRESSION SINKS  its the WAY SHE  FEEDS her kindness. ThIS TALE i tell of DRUNKEN HELL are words thats for the WISE.. Her FRIEND on ice  SENDS LOVE her price but she yearns to  TURN HER EYES...... 

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