Hello, From the Other Side

I dreamed that you were there last night

in the kitchen

making your coffee like always

and you were grumbling about something or other

but all at once 

your words didn't make sense

there was a flash of memory

a still figure, lying in a blue, plaid shirt

pale skin

thin lips

eyes closed

and I realized what was wrong with your complaints

There are no more complaints

no more grumbled curses

because you aren't here

you're somewhere on the other side

doing whatever it is you do


I woke up a bit but fell back to sleep

something tugging at me

trying to pull me back to that dream

I didn't want to go

I didn't want to remember again

apparently, my struggle wasn't fought in silence

and I was woken up by soft hands

a laughing voice

telling me that I was making motorcycle noises in my sleep

but the laughter went away when I told him why

and it was replaced by loving arms that held me while I cried

until I drifted back to sleep again


Not long after, I was ripped from sleep by a burst of music

a single lyric spilling from my computer speakers before going silent again

"Baby, I'm yours..."

my laptop had been closed for hours

it shouldn't have been possible

and the words don't fit our situation perfectly do they?

but I guess you work with what you have

and the important part is that I got the message.

I love you too, Dad



  • Tony36

    Great write

    • JustABird

      Thank you.

      • Tony36


      • WriteBeLight

        What a great story! I hope you find comfort and I am sorry about your Dad.

        • JustABird

          Thank you. You're very sweet.

        • MendedFences27

          Wow! Very emotional write. Kept it clear though, not too much sentimentality. That makes for a better write. Did it actually happen as you describe? Fascinating if it did. Loved your poem. - Phil A.

          • JustABird

            Thank you. I did happen as I described it.

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