alone in my room

alone in my room

by kat 

I sit alone
alone in my room
I hear my thoughts
I feel as though
I have no clue

It tells me to die
that I have no propose 
what to do 
my mans not here
I sit alone 

alone in an empty room
my life is short
my mind is big
so many thoughts 
so much abuse

why it here
why so alone
why these thoughts
where am i
who am i


  • Maichael

    I'm here reading it, and few others also, don't feel alone because you are not alone. Its great write and I can relate.

  • Augustus

    Hugs. Nicely done.

  • PoeticSisi0705

    Yes i can related. Love the poem

  • MaxWritesPoems

    I can relate to your writing. It is very well written and I encourage you to write more!

  • Kitkat231997


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