(My First Fusion Poem, Lets See Where This Goes)

Friday nights and street lights
Eye candies and freak shows
Friends, friends of friends
And strangers you don't know
But loneliness takes grip
Among the quips and the chatter
Is this really fulfilling
Does this truly matter?

O how I like to be ~ Fun & Fancy Free
Out at night in the bright moonlight
And ready for a spree !
Dancing shoes upon my feet
A GIRL would make my night complete
Trim slim (time spent with GYM) and neat
We'd dance and prance 'til dawn
Then dine at Wendy's with a yawn
To pay for it my watch I'll pawn
I'm Fun and Fancy Free !

I'm simply confused by the patterns
But amused by the randomness
Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus
Here's some more randomness, it's out of this world
Hurled upon this fusion of poets galore,
And now I shall wait for more.

Live in the moment, for they always end
But never fail to realize your potential
There will be many parties you can attend
Enjoy them as they come, yet don't stay amble
Life is filled with many kinds of opportunities
Find your passion and that future we must seize

February, May; it's all the same
And I'd dare blame climate change
If only the Repubs would not shame me for it
And bore it justice in the form of acceptance
Anyway, how is your day going?
I'm showing a tendency towards rending
This fusion poem asunder like Atlantis
In the Pacific Ocean from which it bore it's name
Or so said a Republican somewhere, I'd say

How well I know that lonely feeling
Under the lights so awfully glaring.
Deep in the shadows hiding my soul.
Lonely, so lonely, and no where to go.
To stay there and hide does no one good.
Come into the daylight. Do what you should
to make your world better, one thing at a time.
Our children are hoping. It's your world and mine.
So stop the fracking, the hacking you do.
Think about the Earth, you live here too.


  • jmckeller

    Woahhhhhhh!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Your poems makes my heart rush.. I'm gonna share this on Facebook if you do not mind? I'll cite your work.

    • Terthas

      Sure! Lots of people worked on this poem though. Cite Damaged Soul, BRIANSODES, poetboy5454 and anoldwoman too. xP

      • jmckeller

        Ok =)

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