First Love


The first love
It is a shiny diamond
A standing elevation
The music of your slaving
The work of your wondering, wandering
It's all finally come to an end
When you kiss
Your first love

The first night
Is often one filled with life
Everything is going just
As you might wish it to
And even though you worry
You don't question them
Your first love

It's in the meadow or the forest
That the sky is the bluest
Though now you don't feel so clueless
Cuz the path is marked
You have all you need to start
Now you have to go and go now on your way
Find those better days
With your first love

It's got rails like iron
The wheels don't often break
The engine roars and it pounds
Still going to that sound
You lie awake in your bed
Thinking when you'll meet them again
Your first love

And through the storms you will sing
Marching till you cannot see
That's the mind you have
You never know when it's truly bad
Cuz nothing, oh, nothing can get worse
When you have them in your hearse
The sun will show and the moon will rise
And there you'll be with love in your eyes
Nothing better in your mind
That's all you have
And it's all you want
Your first love

Afterwards when it may be done
All is set and won
You've learned a thing or two
You've suffered pain, it's true
That's the fact and it hurts
But nothing can beat you
Nothing gets worse
Cuz no matter what happens now
You know it has happened then
The best thing you ever had
The one thing you'll not forget
Each and every day you take a step
One more lonesome than the rest
Just know that you did your best
You are different now, I know
Though those feelings still show
Even if they're not there
You still care
For your first love

  • Author: AsaDaniels22 (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 15th, 2017 21:55
  • Category: Unclassified
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