Silent Nights

6 Things You Should Know Before You Date Me

Number 1: Good luck

Number 2: From the day I was born, from my very first breath, I have had issues. So be prepared for the midnight phone calls, be prepared for panic attacks in crowded movie theaters, and be prepared for much, much worse.

Number 3: Insomnia will become your best friend, to an extent. It will seem cute at first. Excuses as to why I won't go to bed will rock you to sleep as I lay awake and wait for the sun to rise. Then, it will turn into your annoyance. You will see it as me being too tired to stay awake during the day to talk to you.

Number 4: Our first fight will trigger a panic attack. Ironically enough, our fight will be about how frequent my panic attacks are and how they always show up at all the wrong times. I will have to calm myself down before I throw myself back into the fire of our argument, burning down the house with our heated words.

Number 5: When you leave, my depression will kick in. I wont sleep because I'm worrying about what you're doing with her instead of holding me while I cry. I will tear at the freshly healed scabs on face and arms and scream, "Why didn't I fight to keep you?"

Number 6: I will see you. Walking down the street with her, arm in arm. I will look down and count my steps.

One, do not see me.

Two, do not talk to me.

Three, do not remember me.

Because four, I remember everything.


  • Christina K

    This was amazingly written! I definitely see it as a great spoken word, good work!

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