Space, Love, and Religion.

Space is infinite, but is love?
Do you think it's true what they say,
That there is an abundance from a man above?
Would you tell me what you think?
Speak it so loud here, let it reach space.

Yes, I would love to see them land on Mars before I die,,
I watched Neil, n Buzz on the moon n Collins the other guy,,
Can you imagine the surface of Mars, and what we will learn?
Yet there is the cost we have hungry children here we'll spurn,,
In fact, I do not know if we have to go to Mars anyway,,
The place sort of resembles Barstow California, modern day,,
I have been to Barstow, and really its not all that off the charts,,
The diff between Barstow and Mars is that Mars has no Super Walmarts!!
So is this with love we approach the Holy One's domain, or just curiosity?
I suppose will just have to wait on NASA before this we shall see,,


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