Just had to get another poem done today. Whoops.

I wondered as this beast of beautification stole all the wonders of sight. It never thought that she needs and honestly depends on the lies been blindsided over time. It can see that it is her that is dreary. It will piece by puzzle until the barriers of ache rain down so the happy have happiness.

Aye, The joyous shalt hast their happiness at which hour we learneth from above,
What we shouldst hast known all 'long, To one another bewray love.
Love is stronger than thy reaper, Thou above all did do knoweth,,
Tis only in love dost mine own human spirit did do gloweth.
Tho' without sight,, Love dost survive, and wilt continueth on,,
For from this source, Deep within thee, This love, This strength is drawn.
Tho' we be-est weary, Down, and hard did press within our souls,,
Thy Love shouldst be-est foremost in mind, n heart, Our most true of goals.

Thy talk of love is tempting.
Robbed of sight my blood is cold.
There is something here preventing,
The light tonight to warm my soul.
Forgiveness I've heard harbors peace,
Though heralded, has not reached my heart.
I long to cripple or kill this beast,
To slowly tear her life apart.

Ah, couldst nev'r beest so, for love maketh thy life.
Everything else't be-est ado, fears, and trifling strife.
Hark to thy heart, This wilt guide thy path aright.
Is thither best than a dance in love beneath yon star's light?
I bethink not! In what way couldst thither beest moor in which to sooth?
This is what love can doth, and this I hast known from youth.
Hark to the song of the wee bird upon yon daybreak.
Heareth the melody, Heed its sooth, With love thy heart quakes,

At the break of day my bride called me to the window.
Guided by ear I relished the cheer of hundreds of Robins.
Zeeeup! Zeeeup! Whew ah loo, che, che loo, peek low!
Their rhythm relinquished my heart asunder to 'sobbin.
Though the chirpy sounds in my mind were a mystique
I felt my body reach– for capacity, lucidity and reason
The beauty of the chorus, to my heart maligned did speak
And beseeched compassion to cleanse my thoughts of treason.
I am once again at peace with this beautification beast
Though robbed of my sight, love arrived with daybreak's light.

Aye, Love by the morn's light, How quite quaint't can beest.
Prithee doth not fret mine love, for from thou this sir shalt nere' flee,,
For as long as we hast each other lief love wilt flourish,
This love shalt beest lief, This most wondrous love Thy sir shalt nourish.
Thou wot couldst beest nay love stronger, None moor certain,
I shalt beest beside thee all of mine days as true the tree birchen
So love the flibbertigibbet may care! For our age fleets in mere seconds,,
For indelible in mine own heart is the vision of thy wondrous reflection!

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