Just had to get another poem done today. Whoops.


I wondered as this beast of beautification stole all the wonders of sight. It never thought that she needs and honestly depends on the lies been blindsided over time. It can see that it is her that is dreary. It will piece by puzzle until the barriers of ache rain down so the happy have happiness.

Thy talk of love is tempting.
Robbed of sight my blood is cold.
There is something here preventing,
The light tonight to warm my soul.
Forgiveness I've heard harbors peace,
Though heralded, has not reached my heart.
I long to cripple or kill this beast,
To slowly tear her life apart.

At the break of day my bride called me to the window.
Guided by ear I relished the cheer of hundreds of Robins.
Zeeeup! Zeeeup! Whew ah loo, che, che loo, peek low!
Their rhythm relinquished my heart asunder to 'sobbin.
Though the chirpy sounds in my mind were a mystique
I felt my body reach– for capacity, lucidity and reason
The beauty of the chorus, to my heart maligned did speak
And beseeched compassion to cleanse my thoughts of treason.
I am once again at peace with this beautification beast
Though robbed of my sight, love arrived with daybreak's light.

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