I’m done.


I’m done with the relationship,

I’m done with feeling like I am by myself in it

I’m done with him making me feel like the only girl in the world for a bit

Then going back to keeping up with the same bullshit.

I’m done with him telling me rubbish just to make me feel good about myself.

I’m done with feeling like I am not the only girl

I’m done with it I am done with trying to cope with it

He can go put a new girl through it

But see there’s not going to be another person in the world to love him like I do

There’s not going to be another girl to show how love is supposed to be like I used to

Everything comes to an end

My sore heart is something I am going to focus on trying to mend

I’m done with the relationship

I’m done with the lack of attention he shows

I shouldn’t have to ask for it

I’m through with this relationship

I hope he finds a brand-new bitch

I am done, I am through, I am sick of it

But no matter how much I say it I know I’m still going to go back and love the git.

I’m done with crying when nobody sees

I’m done with trying to make him love me

I’m done with trying to make something work that’s not there

I’m done with trying to show this guy how much I care

I’m done with trying to hold on to thin air

I’m over trying to show this guy that it’s only him

And no other guy can compare

I’m done with trying to express how I feel to this guy

Because I know his not listening I know he is just looking in my eyes

I’m done with his dishonesty and the lies

I’m done with trying to maintain what is mines

I’m done with trying

I’m done with crying

Why can’t he be the guy that I can rant to?

Why can’t he be the guy that I can pour my heart out to?

In the beginning, everything was blissful and delightful

Now everything is dull and misty

I’m done with trying to see if this guy is really with me




Sometimes I honestly wonder does she know how much she means to me.

I know she was put through the worst in her past relationship

But I vowed to her I’m different and I would never put her through it.

She’s has my heart, She’s the only one who can break it

She has my heart no other girl can take it

She has my heart, the love I have for her is so real

But the insecurities are getting in the way of it

The love I have for her,  * snickers* the love I have for her there’s no way I would be able to fake it.

Sometimes she gets on my nerves

But I love her. I love everything about her

From her warm kind heart

Something that I would try to never tear apart

To her brown beautiful eyes

I will try my best to never make her cry.

I won’t say I won’t tell her lies because; I am only human right?

From her flawless skin and chubby belly

Something that I admire about her and something I want to put a baby in

To her curves

Lord knows how much I love this girl.

One thing that irritates me about her is her foul attitude

It’s just as bad as expired food.

I’m not going to sit here and act like I’m perfect.

I have had thoughts of going and stepping out on her

But then something said to me “don’t do it, it’s not worth it”

I know she thinks I don’t love her

But I do with everything in me; I just struggle to show it

It makes me happy just to see her smile

She makes my heart beat fast and she even doesn’t know it.

But I am going to prove she is the one

I am going to prove there is nobody above except for my mum

I am going to prove that she is the only one I love

She may not be better than a majority of other girls

But all that doesn’t matter to me because in my eyes she is MY perfect girl.

When I first saw her it was like I weren’t feeling her that way

But then something kicked in and it was like something told me she is here to stay.

And here we are till this very day

I love this girl, my lil mama my princess my bae.

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  • Published: February 18th, 2017 14:32
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