you think that you're better,
smarter than these minds,
but really, you're worse,
you shouldn't even try.
your taunts and your comments,
sickening to the head,
your fights and your words,
i bet that leaves you broken in your bed.
you think that you're the boss, you think that you're the best,
you think you are stronger without putting it to the test.
i can tell you that you're not,
cause even if you beat me,
hit me,
make me lose my light,
i will never stop,
and i will never give up the fight.


  • WG7

    I know what its like to be bullied. I've been bullied most of my life because I'm different, have problems, and other stuff. Just show those losers they won't ever win. The bullies never do great in life. They don't know what its like out in life. The ones who gets picked on does great. We know how it is.

    • wanderlust

      thanks so much ❤
      we are strong, stronger than they'll ever be, that's for sure.
      they'll never win against us <3

    • Hopey_xx

      I know what it's like as well! Love the poem, something we should all read when we are going through a tough time.. :)

      • wanderlust

        oh my, thanks so much! <3333
        we are all strong together ❤❤

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