Dark inner light

Eyes open, pupils wide, mystery sounds in his mind,

patterns and colours, soul and spirit, sensory chaos, intertwined.

brain beating, hearing his breathing, inwardly seething, but escape is believing,

reality knocking, the tick is now tocking, it maybe his skin, but life's dream is too shocking.


They think they all know, he takes all their noise-in,

but it's like curing his ails, by drinking the poison,

life's too front to back, escape into a trap, all downside up... and don't mind the gap.

deafening scream, blinding sight, and trying to brighten the dark inner light,


You are the cure,
just try hard to show him,

be honest and pure,
then I'll change this poem.


- A.Williams (Feb 2017)









  • Elbeanzio

    Thank you

  • The lonely poet

  • VictoriaOliviaGreene

    Love it

    • Elbeanzio

      Thank you. Glad you guys took the time to comment, it inspires me to try a bit harder and give it another go. This one was my first poem in a decade and the first thing I\'ve shared. I\'d also like to point out that I\'m not in a dark place, I just wanted to reflect on people who are, and the innocence that can be within some of these souls even though society tends to look down their noses at any person who finds themselves in this situation, just coping what way they can.

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