Child Wonders...


If I cry right now
Would you understand me
If I run right now
Would you run after me

If I cry right now
Would you try to comfort me
If I fall right now
Would you help me

If I was dying right now
Would you cry for me
If I got lost right now
Would you look for me

If I was hungry right now
Would you try to feed me
If got no friends right now
Would be my best friend

If I wrong you million times
Would you still love me
If anyone would try to take me
Would you fight for me




  • Author: Maichael (Offline Offline)
  • Published: February 21st, 2017 16:02
  • Category: Unclassified
  • Views: 46
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  • P.H.Rose

    This is so very good
    Maichael I really like
    It, but would of loved
    A last word such as..
    Mother !!!! Or
    Farther !!!!
    I hope you don't take offence
    The poem is brilliant
    It was just a thought..
    Well done...

    • Maichael

      This was written in ten minutes while doing my laundry. It was just the thoughts that were running trough my mind as I thought about my baby girl. Because I just had a daughter (my first). And those questions more as toward me... What if those happens what would I do? But I completely agree... What you think of part two answer those questions? Because that's what I was planning on doing but I didn't think anyone would relate to this or understand this. Thank you for the feedback anyways much love

    • Augustus

      Exactly the mind of a child. They need answers to all of those and need them repeadly, more by your actions than words. Well done.

      • Maichael

        Yes I did answered those questions in m head but I didn't put them down. I was thinking about part to this... But I completely agree actions is louder than words. Thank you for the feedback!

      • Augustus

        P.S. The sillouette is perfect for your piece.

        • Maichael

          Thank you for the encouragement me and the feedback!

        • Maichael

          And I wanted the picture to relate to everyone not just my child.

        • Elbeanzio

          Congratulations on your daughter man. I have two boys and must admit all we did with the first was panic. Every cry is a mystery or uncertainty. Second one was instinct as you learn a lot the first time round. Oh and enjoy sterilising bottles lol. Love the poem btw.

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