bella cortez

Baby give me time.


Please Don't cry, I can hear you mind, I know it's not free, I can read your eyes, Trapped in your own world, Spinning out of control.
But baby,
I'm not saying goodbye, The clock is ticking, But It isn't time, So please don't cry, I'm finding my way,In hope of my own escape.
Swimming in confusion, A blurred view, Trying to find myself, So that I can give you more of you, Because I know You find yourself in me, A reflection of perfection,This is all for you.
So baby,
Give me time, You'll be fine, I promise you that you'll get through the night, I'll be here by your side as soon as I can find the light.



  • Tony36

    Well written and expressed

    • bella cortez

      Thank you so much! Much love xo

      • Tony36


      • MendedFences27

        I'm seeing a relationship about to be broken up, but not just now. One is trapped in the other's world and looking to escape. The trapped one is confused, but looking to find a way out. To leave is better for both parties, but only one has the courage to do it. Very nice description. An emotional write. Enjoyed it. - Phil A.

        • bella cortez

          A complicated love story of two who can't live without each other yet they know it's not the best, but can't find the courage to leave. Thank you for the read! Much love xo !

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