Love Hurts?

I watch her now sleeping

Close to me in her bed

I am suddenly reminded

Of the last words she said


She said that I have given her happiness

Unlike any other before

Because I spanked her cute butt

Until it was nice and sore


She reassured my worried look

With her sexy little smile

And told me it would sting

For only a short while


So, with a sigh and a wink

I turned her over on her back

And held her knees to her chin

A gave her a couple of extra whacks


It looked a little red

And tender to the touch

But she again reassured me

It didn’t hurt very much


I turned her over again

So that I could now see

How comforting and helpful

To that fine butt I could be


I rubbed it very lightly

And gave it a little kiss

Thinking to myself

I probably should have missed


But I really can’t deny

The thrill that I did get

In watching her cute butt

Every time that it got hit


How I love to have pleased her

As she knows I like too

And I will do anything

That doesn’t leave her black and blue


So now that sexy hiney

Will get a good hard spank

And maybe even the hair

Will get a teasing little yank



Although I do this

With all of my love

I think I might feel better

If next time I wore a soft glove.


  • Christina8

    Lol I like this poem. Very good! Just a touch of erotica. Perfect.

    • notapoet

      Thanks Christina, I'm glad you liked it.....

    • AtheistAngel- Daniel Mc\'leod

      Funny, loving , and naughty. Love it.

      • notapoet

        Thanks for the read and comment, much appreciated..

      • Augustus

        Naughty boy. Enjoyed.

        • notapoet

          Thanks Augustus, Healing prayers going out to you sir.

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