Play stop rewind repeat.

Get out of bed,
Chaos ahead,
No time for breakfast,
coffee instead.

Casual or formal?
Make myself normal,
Don't be too different,
corporate conformal.

Wallet and keys,
Enough for the fees,
Run to the station,
Doors, "tickets please",

Whole table seat, 
Room for my feet,
Look at my phone,
Post, swipe and tweet,

Flick through the news,
Rush hour queues,
crash happened somewhere,
Critics reviews,

Here comes the crowd,
Pedestrians loud,
head tilted down,
Keep up the shroud.

Crossings are bleeping,
Click clack repeating,
The Worlds going sideways,
Society fleeting.

Next stop is mine,
Two minutes on time,
Grab all my stuff,
End of the line.

Standing unease,
No contact please,
Newsagents windows,
Tabloid sleaze,

"clear of the doors",
Hard polished floors,
Heel n cough echos,
Cafes and stores,

Metro confusion,
Civilised illusion,
Continue to bridge street,
Journeys conclusion,

Electronic locks
Cubical box,
Push through the day,
Eyes on the clocks.

Windows and clicks,
Work around tricks,
Corporate psychos,
executive pricks.

It's nearly five,
Flee from the hive,
Back to the station,
Feel so alive.

Arrive at my road,
Humble abode,
Letters on doorstep,
Money still owed,

Stare at the walls,
Hear shouts and calls,
The pub's kicking out,
Police, drunken brawls,

Time to get sleep
Collapse in a heap,
Set my alarm,
and wait for the beep.












  • The lonely poet

    Heck mate that was an excellent rant about a working day I thought it was never ending that is brilliant my brother

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