Waking Up in the grass.

The walls around me fall, the ceiling evaporates.

the ground against my back, staring at a set of grates.

Life is hard, always has been, probably always will.

Oddly happy though, My soul is not as ill.

I stared at a possum last night.

Awake I shook eye to eye with a fright.

He jumped and so did I.

I really wish this were all a lie.

It was cold and my blanket too short.

Everything I own in a bag, Easy to sort.

But I finally feel alive, No longer grasping at air.

Swept up in promised and beautiful blond hair.

But only so much abuse can one man take.

Not a moment of it was a mistake.

Without it Id be in the same boat with someone that isn't you.

Addicted to self abuse and emotional pain. Lets start anew.

I cant fix the past without fixing the now.

From this never ending fight I take a bow.

I need help, I need a job, I need a home and i need my sanity.

Fighting a losing fight you can't win is sometimes vanity.

You think your this person that can do so much.

What good is all that potential if your thoughts is all you touch.

Lost in a day dream of madness and delusion.

Searching for answers in your confusion.

What good is being smart if all you have are day dreams.

Letting yourself spill out from the seams.





  • Augustus

    Kind of like reassessing your life up to this point with so heavy decisions to be made.

    • myinnervoice

      Hopefully this time hold meaning and i dont fall into the same traps

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