Willy Beeman


I guess it's my fault for believing she could not love me. Hard to believe I treated someone beautiful so ugly.

From the kids and the pups to the taste of her kiss. Those green eyes, pretty toes, six pack and thick lips.

Sipping fine wine as we talk and I cook for her. Rest a bit, she works so hard, I want to take care of her.

Still, no better than her ex, other than the sex, that we can't forget. My only regret is how I pushed her to the next.

I'd be crazy to believe she thinks of me. Especially when everything I've done screams stay away from me.

So NOW I'm living with a purpose, I'm not perfect. This is really from my heart, no rehearsing. Peace of mind and happiness I deserve it.

Opportunities for growth, that's how I have to accept it, it wasn't worth it. I treated a chance at a Dream like it was worthless.

In the end I was honestly a fool with her. Never looking in the mirror asking, "Aren't you scared to lose her?"

I need to quit Edging God Out and believing my own ego. Nurture faith and watch my mustard seed grow.


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