Childhood remembrance are always adventurous
If you lived in Cuba.
You always remember things like, the muddy floor and avoiding it so your chancleta wouldn't get stuck.
And if you couldn't harvest any eggs from an evil chicken,
you wouldn't eat that night.
And how you were to wake up early to watch your older neighborhood friends walk to school in their uniforms. 
And growing out your hair just to have it flow in the air while you were on your horse
And coming home to a mother complaining how we deserve a better life.
While your grandma was cleaning the house for the 50th time.
Or discovering paint was and falling in love with how the colors expressed themselves in their own way.
Or having your father teach you how to hold a paintbrush for the first time.
And I really loved living in Cuba even though there wouldn't be enough food, my family cared and showed much love for me.
Even though people talk about how horrible and poor Cuba is, it is still my home and it will always be.

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