Looking at you looking at me

Looking at you looking at me.
Tell me what do you see ?
The image you believe to see ,
May not be what I see of me.
Look at me
I am me, Fallen short for Gods glory ,
But I know
And I believe of his magnificent power.
That constantly surrounds me
Look At me
God be with me than who shall ever
stand against ?
Look at me
Tell me what do you see ?
The image you see, Is not what I all I portray to be
See you don't know my story
So how could you judge my glory
Look at me
Just a sinner, asking for forgiveness
Once lost , seeking to be found
Holy spirt come into too my life
Look At me now
please tell me what you see ?

What do you see,
When you're looking at me?
Do you see a sinner,
Begging to be free?
Look at me!
Can I be,
Who I want to be,
When all I am
Is a monstrosity?
Look at me,
Please say you see me,
Lost in my own world,
Drowning in my own sea.
I cannot be saved
With this chip on me,
But here I am,
Begging to be free.
When you look at me,
What do you see?

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