Chicken Scratch

I would have expected you to be writing this down,
Where's the pin ?
You may scratch this beneath your skin for a short time everything you proceed to accomplish shall remain with you.

It is much appreciated if you keep the whims of pain more whimsical less frightening, if your blood isn't displayed like a robin on your writing desk.

I must request that you are required to pluck a large feather as a writing utensil, instead of that structured mechanism your  knuckles seem to be whiting  from holding, in your bursts of retribution.

Why thank you, for your generous contributions !

You are now under a contract..

You plucked and fucked with the wrong feathers using a mechanical pencil instead.

Snap it in half they said

You kept sinking it further into your skin as if pain was a flick of cigarettes on rain..

Just a sizzle.

We all know that won't resolve the recent schizophrenic acts from the robin,

Which  you've slaughtered to put reason..

 To pluck that feather, just fuck the pin

I can't fly because it's no longer in the sky merely stuck in the pile of dirt on the ground along with your memories in your writings of everything in-between
I  thank you for not believing it.

Shouldn't you be writing this down?

 My condolences..
For the scratches, and the cigarette burns
You should have listened to me when I write to you..
Now I must ask you do you know why a raven is like a writing desk?

I haven't been completely truthful with you..
I  shall tell you as soon as I stopped writing with a raven's feather.

Now you spilled ink  from the desk all over your wound !

My dear let me help you with your new  freshly made with a pen I told you to write with ..

Perhaps your fingers aren't enough to dabble in the writings of..

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