End of a Nightmare, Into the Silence

I had a nightmare that’s at least ten years old today

Ten years ago, back when I prayed

That these horrific images would go away

There was a little girl who rounded a bed

Just barely covered her head, barely hope instead

The heavy pulse of the room consumed

My comfort, but I knew this land well

I chased her around the bed and she stood there

S T A R I N G   A T   M E

With a knowing grin

I blinked, a loud screech, opened eyes, terror pitch

And the girl had no head, skin became plastic

Another screech, another blink, she was reduced to shoes


Estoy roto y no puedo cambiar

Traté de cambiar, pero no gané la lucha penúltima

El dolor llegó a ser demasiado para mí

Aunque no tengo ningún patria,

Castellano será para siempre la lengua de mi corazón

Dentro de mi cuerpo roto, se encontrará

Lo que yo no encontraba:

La esperanza que había perdida


Tell me what you do, when hope has been beaten from your bones

When your world falls apart and you can’t heal fast enough

I drank a bottled coke, cooled from the New York winter

I relaxed, I accepted my weakness

Then I jumped


I am dead, so two nightmares ended today


  • Tony36

    Well written and expressed, nobody should ever want to do themselves in. No matter how hard life gets, no matter how dark life gets. There is a bright side, yes you may have to travel a dark road every now and then, but just hold strong and the light will come.

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