One Side Up

All I want to do

Is sit and talk with you

tell me what's on your mind,

and I'll tell you what's on mine.

I know you don't like too much sauce

and I know you love Childish Gambino

You know lady I really dig your steelo

you make me smile

can you stay for a while?

I know life is wild

and you're in the throes

of something you haven't chosen

and I don't mean to impose

but I really want to let you know

that it stops raining eventually

then you'll see how it's really supposed to be.

It's okay to shed some tears

I just want you to know I'll always be near

to hold you dear, to help you face your fears,

and to wipe your tears.

but most importantly

so you don't get lonely 

I don't want this to be cliché

but I'm always down to split a pbnj

if not, I'm not distraught 

we can chill and smoke some pot. 

So what's good shorty? 

We can watch Rick and Morty.

if you want to take your time

I honestly don't mind. 

You really make me happy, 

sorry if this sounds sappy

you just make life less crappy. 

I think about you all the time

almost always on my mind

what would it take to make you mine?

you're just like a flower 

that grows by the hour, 

not one to be plucked

but one to be watered,

A kind of girl you introduce to your father.

you're just like a fire,

you light up everything you touch.

This I see, because you have touched me

in a way I haven't been before.

It's something I adore.

So there's the door,

lets go explore.



  • GMC

    Great piece ☺️

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