I walk through a sea of drugs and poverty. A land of lose and regret.

The sky dark with smog, The sea black with oil, and just as I begin to fret.

I spot a butterfly, broken wings, no less beautiful for the damage.

It struggles against the poison wind that threatens to ravage.

It touches my soul. It is for these moments I strive.

To watch life overcome while the world takes a dive.

I wish I were that butterfly, Beautiful and pure in the moment.

The best I can do is commit to a life of atonement.

To walk a world poisoned by man, with poison in my soul.

Too weak to overcome, But God will counsel.

Smile as the world dies, because Sadness is shallow and flawed.

Happiness through him, watching him move my body, Awed.

I hope I can see the problems of this world lessened by him through me.

That my children will play in a clean and pure sea.






  • WriteBeLight

    I agree. The world is getting more polluted and troubled. People have to stop and think. But, they need to look up from their phones first. Great job on this.

  • myinnervoice

    thanks:) generation at least...I've met a lot of people who know and want things to change but feel like their is no way to save the world from big business destroying it lol

  • myinnervoice

    they are jaded

  • Augustus

    I cannot force myself to throw even a bit of gum wrapper on the side of the road but so many do just that and more. And of course you are alluding to the bigger picture of what is done to our oceans and air. Does New York City still barge its trash out to the ocean to dump? Great write. Well penned.

  • myinnervoice

    Id have to look it up

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