An amazing friend..

This is a shout out to an amazing friend.

He makes me smile to no end

He's had such a hard time

But that's why I'm here to he his partner in crime

He may have a damaged soul but an amazing heart

And so I pray our paths never part 

He makes me wanna keep on my fight

He doesn't understand he helps steer me right 

I don't trust people very easily 

But with him I can open up freely 

I'm so sorry for the loss of your wife

I know how she was your best friend, the love of your life 

But you're very strong 

And you've proved me wrong 

I thought I could never trust anyone ever again

But you've become my best friend..

So this is to you, just know my words are 100% true

And I wanna say thank you for showing me what it's like to not be used..

And I wasn't kidding about the frozen yogurt 

Thats gonna happen for sure!!


  • Tris Eaton

    Very nice poem. I'm sure he'd appreciate it. I enjoyed reading it too, made me smile to myself a little that you care so much about him.

    • lost-but-not-broken17

      I really do he's helped me so much in such a short time

      • Tris Eaton

        I can easily believe that. ( :

      • willyweed

        A good tribute to a good man! he's a jolly good fellow. ww

      • willyweed

        A good tribute to a good man! he's a jolly good fellow. ww

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