kevin browne

Made In Heaven.

thoughts that deviously reflect towards the light of the destruction
winding up into a whirlwind that tightens the grip of excepting
blinded by the wind that carries the weight of all who that expires
tripped again into a swamp full of all those eloquent quagmires
climbing into towers of hope when experiencing downwards
for the expectation of others, just doubt and move forwards
sincerity called the names so that a hearing for all was born
with a broken heart that was caused by the misery of feeling torn
to mend, to build, to regain, to bring, to give and to remember hope
walking over rivers with seas in praying that we all stay afloat
beginnings we teach from the start so that children can share
winds and rain that kill when the lightning strikes down we care
and in principles desire are to straighten up and breed grace
that in growing old becomes such a beautifully written place
looking back at things whilst thinking you didn't need it anyway
in forgiving those 'things' to be broken and left for another day
the receipts kept locked secretly away in the soul of regrets
for life exceeds itself in such a diverse way and never forgets
to trust in humans when the stone of hope drops from above
made in Heaven showing some signs which we can make light of


  • Tony36

    Well written and expressed Great write

  • Augustus

    And you said you did not have the gift of rhyme. Well done.

    • kevin browne

      and God should know the answer to how I did that. so do I have a gift then Augustus..?

      • Augustus

        You are truly blessed.

      • willyweed

        you have my vote a good poem need not rhyme but sometimes it don't hurt!

        • kevin browne

          it never hurt so good my friend. well said and thanks for the vote, the one and only..!!

        • mariebonilla099

          This is really good. Keep on writing

          • kevin browne

            I certainly intend to Marie. thank you.

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