North star

North star, north star

Guide me true

Find the way

That I've been through

The distance I've covered

The paths I've tread

The words I've cursed

The wounds that bled

The ends and boats

I have rocked

Family and friends

I have shocked

The mental states

I have passed

The harm I've done

That will last!

And if again

I'll serve my time

Entrust in me 

A plumbline

A moral compass

To find a way

To protect at night 

And guide in day

When hours are shortened

And days are dim

And shadows surround me 

All is grim

Give me a sign

Safeword and token 

And in this dream

May I be awoken

To awake with skies so blue

With the warmth of love 

Get me through.


  • Tony36

    Great write

    • Gavin

      Thank you very much it's greatly appreciated

      • Tony36


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