Wind whisper to me


Wind whisper to me

of when shall it end?

This loveless void 

eternity forced me to spend.


Wind whisper to me

Of my long awaited victory 

Shall I at last be free?

Or shall my love be lost to me.


Wind whisper to me

Tell me is it time?

If I love him

Can passion truly be a crime.


Wind whisper to me

Break me out of this tower

My husband no longer cares for me

All he cares for is power.


Wind whisper to me

I don't understand

How can one be taken

Yet love a different man?


Wind whisper to me

Save me from this world

I tried to be a queen

But I'm only a girl.


Wind whisper to me

Tell me is he almost here?

The man who will end my sorrow

and catch my tears.  


Wind whisper to me 

I fear he may fail

The wind has turned

and I feel so frail.


Wind whisper to me 

I hear his horse neighing 

Pleased as I am 

I fear I won't be staying. 


Wind whisper to me 

Why have you turned away?

I fear the time has come 

for me to leave this place.


Wind whisper to me 

One last time 

For time has now run out,

What once was a whisper

now is a shout.


The shouting continues 

And my beloved's voice is drowned out

"I'm too late." 

I heard him say 

"I should never have left,

I should have stayed!"


Now I fear I'm too late 

The wind has taken my queen 

far away.


Never again 

Shall I see her beautiful face

And never again 

Shall exist this place.





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