It gets worse II

The termination of their facetiously positive,

Could be the damnation we all need for a disposive 

Ending to the the contemplation of our failure. 


Those fictitious smiles and those eruptive

Laughs are nothing more than a confession of inoperative 

Actions, broken, by what seems to be nothing more than pain. 


For we are not working toward a bright future but instead staggering in causative-

No. We're not doing anything but what we're told. 


There is a question we share as a nation where provocative

Words stumble around like drunken idiots, disruptive

And almost completely destructive.


Why put up with any of this? 


Constantly we fight to be the fittest to survive

But the fittest does not exist for us because 

Better is always one step ahead making your life just:


A little harder. 

Less important. 



Why bother tell any of us that 

We are capable of what we are not? 

It is well known that our generation is 

Nothing more than monitors and impulses. 

It is well known that life is not anything like 

An upward spiral. 


Why can't you just stop lying?

Don't tell me how it's all okay or how I'll 

make it through something I won't. 

I know just as well as you that It gets worse!




  • Tony36

    Great write, hope things get better

  • anora_aragon

    I loved reading this

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