That's the mind

The mind is a tunnel
A never ending void
You can just lose yourself in it's power
Bury yourself deep in it's world
The darkness surrounding you when you sleep
That's the mind

The mind is a maze
An incomprehensible journey
Thoughts wandering aimlessly
Travel through its corridors
Find the truth in yourself
Open the door before you
Walk into the silence

And even though you may walk in silence,
And the voices may come and go,
An angel will watch over you.
It's voice unheard,
But it's hand is warm.

Sometimes you walk on water
Without knowing how you got there
Your mind has taken control over you
Either to death
Or new life

Fall in, feel the currents pulling you.
Fight against, the whole world stares at you.
You feel your lungs
Filling with water,
But your fingers brush a pole, grab on,
Get out, and survive.

Visions of demons appear
They dance about in your madness
Laugh in a chorus of ridicule
Their eyes burst into a fury
They drag you into chaos

Voices in your head haunt you
Bring you down to the abyss where the monsters roam
You wish for freedom, you get slavery
You wish for happiness, you get despair
They laugh at you
leave scars
And takes your heart

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