The lonely poet

Shattered childhood

People  i  see  every  day  when  I  manage  to  leave my hidyhole, my sanctuary  I should  say. I see no colours  only  grey as I rush head down in a blurry  haze.   I dare not tell you  the  reason  I'm this way, but I will have some vengeance  soon the bastards  will pay.      Trust in people  and this world  they slowly  ground  away, never to return  to  me  not forever  and  a day. Behind bars  they  may all now be but I known  one day they will all be free,  and their I'll  be silently  waiting  for  thee and they will be old and VULNERABLE  just like ME,  but the  one  big difference  between  me  and  thee  is that I was YOUNG  AND  VULNERABLE  AND  THAT'S  FUCKING  SICK  YOU  SEE .   


  • LilMiss1988

    I suffer from PTSD due to childhood trauma. This shit fucking hits home. I feel it, gives me chills. I'm fucked up but strong, everyday is a struggle... But I'm me! Good write man.

    • The lonely poet

      Thank u very much this has ruined my life I'm glad u can relate I'm very low rite now thanx

      • LilMiss1988

        Chin up buttercup! I know exactly how you feel. I\'ve been in a manic depressive episode for 2 weeks now. I have Bi polar disorder, my highs and lows are crazy. Let me know if you need to talk!

      • gina~

        I relate to this poem oh so well, its amazing to see how someone can write out these unfortunate events so beautifully; yet so heart breaking.

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