Samreen Chowdhury

The Reality.

It isn't how it use to be,

relfection and confessions,

it doesn't work out anymore

because it's been used and worn.

refelction on so many memories but 

that one particular one that stops

your heart from beating, beating

the normal kind of way, because it 

takes you back to that same moment, 

makes you happy again,

makes you smile again 

like the same way you did then,that 

one beautiful moment,in slow motion you 

feel the beauty of lightness

but then you know it wasn't the reality,

you remember those aren't the people 

and the world isn't the world 

your life isn't your life,

then it's just the case of it , 

where you think what's the truth of it

something that's covering the mark behind us 

it's nothing.

nothing at all.

just the wind that watches us and the wind

that we watch, it's 

the case of loving again, and maybe one day

the memories or maybe that one memory will 

become alive again.


  • AdamH

    Love it!

  • Augustus

    I know those little flashes of memory but could not describe them as delicately and sensually as you did.

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