Slut Season

The gurl they used to love no longer with us. The slut came out in the season. U better have reason why u want to sleep with her. Long hair and hazel eyed 5"8 and body like Rihanna should be a crime. She was only 16 wen she got the the name SLUT. she used to be ashmaed of it now she buried in her past. She got the name cause she listen to her siblings saying u better starting acting like a man dont let these dudes take over u. A few guys got over on her . Broke her heart, left 4 someone else, dump her cause she too young, used her 4 some sex or money. Now in return she used those got wat she want from them quick sex, gifts,  cheat and left them broken heart. Now she grown up but still feels   get bad ways but now she burying it. She may not become Karrine Steffans but i appreciate her comin out speakin up. Back to slut now she a woman and mom now dedicate one man. Slut been through alot physical abuse and yet verbuallly abuse still manage on top. Through all she testin the waters for success. So ladies dont give up cause they call u a whore , thot or slut. Until next time America pass this on.


  • AdamH

    Content is deeply upsetting, and helps connect the reader to the problems in modern society. Would love if the structure could also help refect this? Would really appreciate feedback on my poems to 🙂

    • PoeticSisi0705

      Thanks for ur comments. I will do my reading and this poem is about me tbh

    • Disrespectfully nice

      It's a shame how men treat women nowadays and then get mad when women act the same way

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