The choices we bet


I find myself thinking of what was lost
Trying to remember just what it has cost.
Was it my heart maybe, no I do not believe that was it.
Was it my mind no it can never give up or quit.
So what did I lose some time ago.
Where can I find it, where did it blow.
Looking back I know that it was a piece of me.
How do I know what's inside, it's so hard to see.
Was it my fault, or someone to blame?
I think not, it was my fault and with the shame.
Though truly I lost something presage in life.
That thing I lost, was deep and brought strife.
Now I feel it was more than physical.
It was something that is truly mystical.
Telling you the thing of which I am speaking.
Was there to see and was not sneaking.
For what I lost was deep and part of my soul.
A part that is lost and now maybe null.
No through strength, it can be.
I believe it can be brought back even to me.
Now I need to take that gentle ride.
Bring back that was once so good inside.
So I start a journey that I hope returns yet
Just remember life is the choices we bet

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