Never did I expect this to happen.
Never in my dreams that I would fall
For a boy who wasn't the one
Nor someone who is my friend.
that lies

It was your sweetness that melt my heart
Or your smile that made me fall
Whatever it was I hate the way I feel
One thing I know, its hard how my feelings grow stronger everyday knowing that you left me

All this time I've been sad
to see and look at you
Every now and then I wake up dreaming that all you wanted was to fuck and leave

Then reality you broke me into pieces
It wasn't bad enough that hurt
I Was there for you through everything you put me through
Went through hell and back and stood there
Thinking i belong to you
But I'm left alone with all this heartache

have a clue that you hurt me
But nobody knows the pain I've been thru
why you did this ?
all I do at night is cry
How stupid I was to let you hurt me

My friends make me smile and laugh
So I could stop thinking
Yet deep inside there's no place to be happy
I know I have to move on
but I can't
The pain is too much

Still I'd be happy,if it were all a lie
Cuz happiness isn't my thing
means seeing you with someone else hurts
And I Love you...! Even tho you a dickhead and you hurt me ode but you can't see it

But I love you more, so Goodbye......



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