The Night Greed Died.

In her yard he stands in silence,
riddled with contemplation
here to collect injustice
he's not far away
murder in mind a righteous incident.

Outside the window
his eyes fixed on her silhouette
longing for her sleep,
Tonight he'll make her famous.

At the foot of her bed he stood
axe gripped white knuckle tight
it's too her back
the first injection of intrusive steel is carried out.

Incapacitated he drug her out of bed
and down the hall her crimson flowed
sinister servant's shadow shroud her scream
repulsed by her choking down blood
the second slam of steel split's her face.

Too the bathroom he went
on the mirror the words scrawled in red
"Death To Greed."

In the still standing silence
the remains of her atrocity
have been left to drown
in blood.

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