The lonely poet

Oakwoodboarding school no chance in life

I once  was  a  boy, not  an  angel, not even good, nor loveable ,  nor  likable ,  more  hateable  as  I  soon  understood, one  sister  I had  at  first ,  then  one  became  two, then with the seconed came  postnatal  depression  and  most  of  the  brunt  of  this  I  withstood, already  forming a confused unhappy  life  form  no  wonder  in  me  there  is  no  good. By the age of ten 2 two  more  sisters by  then, and by the order of  Suffolk  County  council  off  to  boarding  school  I  went, which  was a real bad hell hole a place  of  evil  and  torture  a  place  I  shall  carry  with  me  always  and  forever  resent. For in these  walls ,  classrooms ,  dorms ,  offices ,  sports  hall, events took place that to you  truly  would be   appalled, my mind soul spirit and human trust  was quite  literally  pulled  screwed  up  torn  and crushed, it was so bad that forever  un trusting to  people  I be must, telling parents, and  police running  away  not one of them listening  or believing  me, with spirit  dieing  back I was sent straight  away ,  no hope for escape no point to pray, now with the tormentors in jail investigations  must hail, traumatik emotional  hidden  mindful  wounds I must split  open go through  rescale leaving  my mental health so fragile  and frail. Compensation  may be pending  but what's the point in spending when the torture  and abuse  my mind it's still bending, not insight  do I see an end pending, no chance of going back and fixing  or mending  forever  more  into madness  my mind  is  descending.

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