“Fuck you FAG”

To all the men that call me a FAG,

because I’m defined by who I prefer

to sleep with at night

FUCK you,

And I don’t mean this as a sexy

boom boom time, I experience,

but I mean this as soul

wrenching, knife twisting, bullets

connecting to your head FUCK you.


To women that call me Fag

know that I’m more than a bundle

of sticks that you feel the need

to kick around

            step on,

                        set on fire

because you can’t understand

that my love is more than yours

or maybe its not

            but my love is mine.

                                    To all the men that call me FAG

and try to HOLLA at me,

FUCK you to moon and back,

and stay.

I’m more than simple

mistake that I ever saw in you

from a pathetic night,

            I saw something

beautiful in you


FUCK you too,

            cause there is something

vicious that spouts across my chest

and it’s the love

            that I have

permitted through the gates

No thanks to you


FUCK you.


To all the people to call me FAG,

            and couldn’t be bother

to get to know me,

            before jumping


                                                            killing me

FUCK you because you missed out.

            You just made the world

                                    more darker,

                        where the sky does not

                                    produce any light because

                                                I’m a FAG

                                        and you are a BASHER


  • fi00na


  • niallprideaux

    We are human and we stand together with those who accept us.

  • Tristan Robert Lange

    I feel your anger, your anguish, and your hurt in this piece. I, too, have been labeled and stereotyped, for different reasons, but the wounds are there. Wounds may heal, but the scars remain! We live in an extremely broken and messed up world. This poem is an expression of the pain and anger you have experienced. Strongly written. I pray that you don't allow yourself to be defined by the small-minded people of this world. Let their words and thoughts roll off of you like water on a duck! Thanks for sharing!

  • WriteBeLight

    Great rant. I agree with your comment, too.

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