The phoenix

Notice of absence from Jooles
I disappear for months on end......just my life but I always come back!

I saw a phoenix today, from the ashes it soared 

Through the sky in a blaze of yellow, red, gold 

It was a thing of such beauty of honour and grace 

It rose up with fire and headed for space 


For a second I saw it, then it was gone 

But the impact it left me will forever live on 

It was an omen you see, a blessing, a gift 

That nothing is over that life's not adrift 


Burst from the flames, renew who you are 

Learn from what happened, help heal the scars

A phoenix is beauty, strength and re birth 

Let that symbol now stand for all that your worth 



  • Jooles

    I already have five...this would join the family. I love art and expressing myself and I love tattoos...don't care if they're not for other people. ..they're for me (my husband hates tattoos)...I don't judge a person for their hair colour. ..clothes style or LACK of ink lol and hell ..they look good on me lol

  • Jooles

    Sorry doing that mad thing where it posts twice 😨

  • Jooles

    Hi not been on fir a while. Thank you for your kind words ... I agree with you completely P.S. yep....tatts and Bon Jovi rock 😉

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