Short Story: Wall's Ball


Wall just wants to play ball
But he realized he doesn’t have a ball
He cried out loud to his dad who was on a call
Can we go to the mall?
Asked wall who’s kinda small

Yes we can go to the mall
Right after I’m done with this call
Said his dad was down from the hall
What do you want from the mall?
Ask his dad down from the hall

A ball, said wall who’s kinda small
I thought you had a ball
Said his dad who was done with his call
No, I left it at Paul
Cried out Wall who’s kinda small
Okay let’s go to the mall
Said Wall’s dad who’s kinda tall

When they made it at the mall
Wall wants to take it all
Said no his dad who’s kinda tall
You can’t have all the ball
Then Wall’s eyes starts to rainfall
Don’t cry Wall
Said his dad who’s kinda tall
You can you either have…
A Basketball
A Football
A Baseball
A soccer ball
A Pinball
A Golf ball
A Volleyball
A Tennis Ball
A Cricket ball
But you can’t have a bowling ball
Because you kinda small
Said his dad who’s kinda tall
But why the mall doesn’t have a snow ball
Said Wall who’s kinda small
Because you need some snow, to make a snow ball
Said his dad who’s kinda tall
But above all
Some days we to have want it all
And sometimes we can’t have it all
Today you might be small
Tomorrow you might get tall
But just so you know; big or small
Short or tall
There’s greatness in all
And if you have a ball
Make sure to share it with all

The end.

Wall’s Ball: Written By Maichael Yousa

-Short story for ages (2-5)

*I dedicated this short story to my two little siblings (Joel & Julian) I love you guys. Thank you guys for always believing in me and looking up to me, and I hope and pray that one day I will get the opportunity to write many more short stories like this.

  • Author: Maichael (Offline Offline)
  • Published: March 18th, 2017 23:33
  • Comment from author about the poem: If you got a child ages (2-5) please check out this short story I wrote then this poem is for you. I hope you can read it to your child tonight for a bedtime story. If you don't got kids still please check it out too. I was trying to get an illustrator to help me paint the picture but it didn't work out so I hope you get the message.
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