Hell blew me a kiss

Hell blew me a kiss. 


A conflagration of debauchery and insolence, 

Once scarred as a necessity in youth's sense,

I blushed like a vestal before Pan's offence;

All streams gargled gold and all masks wept. 


I scraped ash on each tooth stepped,

As a pale King, I tried to address the tastes that crept

Upon the antediluvian tongue;

Through poetry, fornication, genuflection and song.


But I was a novice, a mistake, a castrated gong.

A violin gnawed at the waist, a decrepit hag 

That took pride in being a whore--a facetious rag.


Alas! The fur of a pious goat has sizzled into slag;

All clouds are fiery halos inside Ouroboros bliss

And the phosphorous strophe burns only in abyss. 


Hell blew me a kiss.





  • Jason Vancelette (AKA Pharaoh33)

    Wow man...this is very deep and rich with abstract metaphors...Amazingly done..I could probably read it twenty times and still find something new..

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