kevin browne

The Heartaches When You Leave.

Above and far beyond the fights are the heartaches when you leave
When responsibility knew it was the wrong and stupid thing to do
When our thought was mixed and untrue, we always tried to please.
That just a kiss on a cheek and I'll do whatever you want me to.
Doesn't seem to matter what it is that's done, just make it do it right
For from any bad experience with a loved one, we forever cry
Run away to hide and keep that secret where? to keep them tight.
And sometimes it felt our star shining bright, we felt it would never die.
A stomach turning over because the shadows of you are gone
That twice was bitten more than once and shall we start again
That when in looking back at we did, we all knew it was wrong.
That in loving someone when they are gone tears are pouring rain.




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