it hurts

i’m slowly fading away.


no one wants me.

no one respects me.

no one even cares about me.


people are embarrassed to be around me.

people treat me like i'm nothing,

a waste of space.



like fuck, i'm trying.

i'm trying so hard to get my life back on track but the past keeps coming back to haunt me.


something's telling me not to give up.

i don't know what it is but eventually it's going to do the opposite.


my heart aches.

it longs for something it's lacking,

something to repair the shattered pieces.



there is a knife on my table.

it waits for me to end it,

end all my pain and suffering.


tears stream down my face,

life would so much better if i didn't exist.




  • JJCooke

    These situations we go through truly make us stronger.

    • alisha.ldn

      The last two years I've been through hell, but I thank God that I'm here to look back and reflect on it.

    • stephanieh1996

      There is so much in life worth living for I'm glad that you've come this far I don't think that anyone should feel like a waste of space you are perfect in your own way as cleche as that may sound I don't know you but I am proud of anyone that is trying I will post a poem tomorrow that I wrote the otjer day that i really think you should read I love this poem though your words are so deep and from your own heart and it shows keep going girl you got this!

      • alisha.ldn

        Thank you lovely ♥ x
        You've inspired me to write more

        • stephanieh1996

          You have no idea how much that means I want to help others as well as others have helped me you're a great writer!

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        • Allan J. Renaldo

          Your poetry is stunning. The way you write, how you make people feel while reading it. It's spectacular. Stay strong, love. We're all here for you xoxo

          • alisha.ldn

            thank you, your comment and everyone elses are the reason why i haven't given up yet.

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