Love? You think you know what love is?

You know nothing of love 

You think selfishly and purely out of greed

You never think of what the other person may need 

You use and abuse cheat and lie

You caused me so many tears that I couldn't help but cry 

You are nothing more than another dead soul 

I feel no sorrow for you 

For you are the reason my heart is no longer whole 

So when you finally meet someone and give them your all 

I hope the break your heart and I'll watch you fall 

The way I did all alone

You'll be left there crying with no ones sympathy but your own 

I hope your heart truly breaks the same way as mine

You'll tell her you're sorry for all you've done wrong

Ha I remember that was your favorite line

So yes if you get your heart broke

I'll be there with a smile on my face

I'll watch you cry then walk away with my head held high and my walk full of grace

Oh yes I can't wait for the day your heart truly breaks 

Then you'll realize the sound a broken heart makes


  • Goldfinch60

    Very strong write, so full of emotion.

  • elsiewarrenswords

    Sad feelings behind this - the rawness of a love past. I can relate and i emphasize with you completely. love the rhyme and the content, well done :-)

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