kevin browne

When Life Became Apparent.

the distance was a shove away when life became apparent
living in the ghettos that share the love and hate for protection
in bringing something back to the core of your inner being
victims taught the environments how to arrest and get handcuffed
family after family survive for the reality of what's around the corner
another gun, another crime, another gang that killed a man
hope brings a sudden thoughtless task of making things come true
paving slabs filled with the running footprints of all yesterdays
buildings searched the reasons why the neglect turned dark inside
with spirit, the rituals of harm are abused in order to find a life
shadows follow every move and then the daylight turns to secrets
money rolling in a back pocket sniffed up on some narcotics
dragged through the years that eternity was ever present in a day
for helping to feed mouths that relentlessly searched the streets
homage in a cardboard box goes unnoticed for decades to come
standing in the rain when those hellish hailstones battered down
crying the tears of loneliness in despair of the things committed
richer is the wealth for being stubborn and changing motivation
awards where the inner being sets the goals for achievements off
that a broken heart has fallen from its attachments of inspiration
which taking in what was what and that the importance of it matters
completing the trials of failure whilst the success had already won
science in a man has the strength to follow orders and carry on
winning very rarely mattered instead a smile on a face that loved
so learning that an imagination can influence a particular happening
the star unborn is to be born into something bright and brand new
forgiving that forgetting is a sin must recall the sentiments of real
beauty at it's it best is owned by the ones who will finally find it.

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